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Comic Script by: Benjamin Percy

Illustrated by: Emma Kubert, Andrea Di Vito, Marvel Various

Cover Design or Artwork by: John Cassday




CELEBRATING 25 ISSUES OF LOGAN'S LATEST RUN! - AN A.X.E. TIE-IN! A desperate race to the top of the world forces WOLVERINE to team-up with SOLEM! But will the HAND'S HELLBRIDE bring them to an untimely end, or will the CELESTIAL doom the unlikely team-up? PLUS: BAR BRAWL! A rough and tumble 25th issue celebratory story with an array of artists - Andrea Di Vito, Emma Kubert, Federico Vicentini, Greg Land, Juan Ferreyra, Klaus Janson, and Kyle Charles - ready to unleash some adamantium-laced action!


Comes Bagged and Boarded. 


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