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1/8 Scale. This kit comes from the original Aurora Tooling. Comes packaged in the classic long box and is molded in Silver with a yelow plume. Detailed instructions. Stands 9.50 inches tall with a display base with Aurora copyright on the base.

History of the Silver Knight of Augsburg 1560
When knighthood was in flower it became common practice to challenge any other knight to a fight, for very little, or no reason at all. In order to protect themselves from unnecessary bloodshed, the armor as we recognize it today, was developed. The armor suit worn by the Silver Knight of Augsburg is considered a composite armor that is made up from more than one version of the suits from that time period. The weight of the suits varied widely depending on the accessories used and the height and weight of the wearer. Generally 70 to 90 pounds was the range of the weights. This type of suit was used primarily in the tilt, also known as the joust. These unique models have been engineered to build-up into beautiful display pieces. With little care you can build this up and complete the kit in about 2 hours.

ATLANTIS MODELS The Silver Knight 1/8 Scale Figure Model Kit

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